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CHALLENGE TITLE: Atomization of Molten Steel on Industrial-Scale

12 Jan

CHALLENGE TITLE: Atomization of Molten Steel on Industrial-Scale

SOLUTION TITLE: Optimization Of Atomization On Any Known Method

I have seen flaws on all given atomization method which resulted in atomization process inefficiency. I dim to suggest you redesign your tundish with predetermined perforation hole size. The perforation hole size should be no larger than twice the diameter of desired big particle size limit in order to greatly eliminate the big particle waste with greater probability of reducing them down to 0%. In your given parameter, the big particle size limit is 5mm, so the tundish perforation holes should be about 10 mm in diameter. Any future adjustment may be made but this time I can suggest you with this 10 mm diameter as a start. I’m not going to suggest or introduce any new material for the atomization process as I am not an expert in metal properties like an experienced metal man working in metal industry. The attached drawings and diagrams should help clarify my proposition.